the achiever’s power

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Power is everything…
The word is power
Your work is power
Your thought is power
Your gift is power
Your virtue is power
Your choice is power
Your mentality is power
Your emotion is power…
Your attitude is power
….Now an achiever combines all of this together to actually be the achiever that he is… Well every other person combines this too but not everyone is an achiever …why? Because not everyone knows how to combine this things the right way….its just like music……music z an arrangement of sounds that is pleasing to the ear… When these sounds are not arranged it becomes noise… so when these things or when these powers are disorganised or better still abused…you’ll realise you just keep making the noise of an achiever..but in the actual sense you are not… The thing is..achievers dont make noise…its d achievements that make the noise…because achievements do not necessarily have to follow a particular arrangement or order….it just comes.. Right??

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