Posted: July 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Take time to analyse these guys
To avoid being a victim of their lies
Their fake feelings they advertise
But your memory in their brain is not up to 8bytes
Like flies they perch on any available girl that catches their eyes
They pretend to have come to socialize
But as time goes on, they begin to act otherwise
Your fragile heart they brutalize
They play you amongst theirselves like a dice
They say it’s normal to exhibit such vice
But to be precise
Babes be wise!!
Because this guys aint really nice…
…….No be true I talk……. For as many guys reading this I know what’s going through your mind… So lemmie make it clear…. Babes could also act the same way…n not all guys are like that… but then babes must still beware!!!

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  1. wuragold says:

    Tru talk dear,thumsup dear kip it up!!!

  2. I’ve got to familiarize myself with this nice device

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