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Your life will definitely tell a story! Friends, write a good one. Apostle Paul took one that tagged him a black sheep and also led him to encounter Christ on his way to Damascus, so you see some decisions will most definitely give you the “black sheep” tag, take them anyway! Life as we all know is a journey (journey to self) that’s finding out who you are, talking about ‘self’, who am I? & what’s my definition? These questions really take me endless hours to answer because am a complex being embedded in a simple compartment, eager 2 explore these complexities but then I dont even understand this complex nature of mine and I am sure there are a lot of people who don’t too.
When I decide 2 take a risk, fear draws me back and when I eventually do take a risk successfully pride brings me down, Even when I successfully take a risk without fear and pride, I move on to take further risky decisions but without prior notice the inevitable *death* comes. For the few years I have journeyed to self, I have discovered that this journey is endless, even after death the complexities I’ve been able to explore, the good &evil it has contributed all lives after me. The person I’ve discovered to be me lives on after me in one way or the other. For those who have gone before me, I realized there are so many things that I discovered about them that they never found out about themselves & they probably would have never.
Journey to self! The only journey that never ends. It goes on & on even when we go back to our creator. How has your journey to self been so far? Take time to examine your life, as SOCRATES said- ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’
Friends check your ‘self”. Like a horse can be forced to the riverbank but can’t be forced to drink water, you are the most important change agent of yourself. Everything you are today, every character,habit ,failure and success that you are made up of today is a collection of all your choices, actions and reactions.
Stop living on people’s definition of U! stop living on circumstances, conditions, situations and past definition of your ‘self’.
Never be bullied into silence.  Never allow yourself to be made a victim.  Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.  ~Harvey Fierstein.

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  1. Ogunseye babatunde says:

    The greatest evil of our time is not many who have killed but those who have remained silence- Martin Luther king jnr. Often times we postulate and assumed it all to ourselves that i know myself. But this has remained one of the greatest issue. Until we get to understand who we are., what we stand for, our mission. Until those issues are laid bare we can never get our bearing in life. Like paul said, everything is lawful, but not everything is acceptable. All things are lawful, but not all things are edifying. Sex, Porns movie, prostitution, abortion, stealing, lying, backbitting and lots more, are permitted by the law. But are those things godly, are they edifying. In all of this, we should know that we are brought with an incorruptible seed. And also that we are born again to win and conquer sins and temptations.

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