Naija tory!!!

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Naija tory!!
Starting from the daily lagos drama
Moving to those crazy bokoharam bombers
Coping with the NEPA wahala
I know its not gonna be forever
I still love my naija,
How can I forget those poor jobless kidnappers
And then the rich jobful political boxers..shh
My very own nigeria’s firstlady and her blunders(lip sealed)
My naija…where the jungle brains are leaders
And the city brains are followers.
How can I forget my very own danfo-drivers
Those crazy heart-attackers
U can only find them in naija
My naija
Lyk a group of rich people that need to climb a mountain
With a ladder
& outta this group…some people who I call carpenters!!smh
Keep volunteering to make this ladder
But you know they always get up the mountain first…
& then they use their own hands to pull down the that no one gets to see what’s there
Oops…I forgot about the subsidy palava
naija never remained the same afterwards
& then the ASUU & FG tussle of power
Chaii…if u are a survival in naija..
U r a survival anywhr…(My opinion)
Till 2moro n 4eva I remain naija!
What abt those naija slangs…lyk iyala iya anybody!!…dere z none lyk it hehehehe
& then naija musicians…I guess whats reigning now…iz clubbangas
& then naija’s religion…I’ll call it anything goes…
In 1 area you have 4 diff churches…4 diff clubs…probably 4 diff shrines lol…& then 4 diff mosques or ‘ile keu’…it’s left for you to choose
The anthem says’ to serve with heart & might,1 nation bound in freedom,peace & unity’
Buh I guess its ‘ to embezzle & squander with heart & might, one nation full of resources, peace & whateva’
D list & d talk is endless about this great kontiri…
This is my Naija tory!! What’s yours!!!

  1. George•° says:

    Very nice..lool, in my street there are 4 churches 2 white garment n 2 cac….crazy!

  2. Ogunseye Babatunde. says:

    Hmmm. Even the present challenges looks frustrating and unending in my dear country. There one thing i believe like Plato posited that ” A nation will never know peace until Philosophers becomes kings and kings becomes philosophers”

  3. adedoyin says:

    Nija is al of dis & more, yet it is a blessed country filled with milk & honey. A place to b. Its a place were 60% of d world’s richest ppl get their wealth 4rm. We are d chosen ppl of al d blacks, d royal priesthood. We hv got 2 stand 2geda coz I know berra tund are coming. Jst continue to pray 4 ur Jerusalem.

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