LETTER TO ABISAYO – BY Ogunseye Babatunde..

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yaay! (Face covered) this post was a request….so enjoy reading a letter to Abisayo from a brother from another mother *smiles*. I actually wanted it to be personal..but I believe you guyz can learn a thing or two from it…


In the midst of the crowd
you have been singled out
in that wise,
you will have to learn
that in life, all men are not just and not true.
I dont mean all male alone,
but i mean all being
But endeavour to study them
you will have to learn
to have sublime faith in yourself
even when everybody believes you are wrong.
You will have to learn
never to please and satisfy human being
you will have to learn
the wonders of the holy bible
and ponder on the mysteries of why God created you the way you are
you will have to ponder on the mysteries why destiny brought us together as friend and a writer.
Ponder on those thing
because i have seen the promised land
remain unpertubed
believe in yourself
and keep the commandment.
I LOVE YOU.…. (Big hug)


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