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<a href="http://dejabsite.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/random-writing-my-lazy-attempt-at-lyrical-writing/

Well…DEJABOI calls this random writing, buh what I see in this is….an out-pour straight from a sincere and broken heart… Yeah right. It's not necessarily just a boy and girl thing, it could also apply in a way…to a mother and child..a sister and brother…. A friend and a friend…well…I read it and liked it. Y'all should check it out *smiles*.

We’re a quarter away from ice
This time, you hit me thrice.
It pays to just get drunk
Put the past in the trunk.

Take me to the other side
Flow away with the tide,

 Cos, baby,
If we ain’t friends anymore,
Then we better be nothing.

 It’s not that i’m obsessed,
I’m just trying to find happiness.
Cars,spas,keys and tees,
Flashy toys and fly boys,

But they can’t be you
 Sometimes you make me blue,
And then you make me feel cool.
I hate you so much, It’s TRUE!
That’s how I know I must love you too!
Your stuck on me just like a tatoo.

 Now, i’m here
Writing this lame lyrics
Hoping they would drown my fear
I would run to a cleric
But he would tell me the same thing
“Love is a gift and not a disease
Tell him he’s more than a fling
And tonight, your mind will be at ease.”

 So Tonight, i’m letting you know
I’m letting it show
Not caring if my heart breaks tomorrow.

 So now i’m here,
Writing this lame lyrics,
Running out of words to rhyme with
What my heart’s saying.
Its saying


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