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“If. I ever, ever ,like ever see you with that guy
again, you can’t even imagine what I’ll do with
you, mstchewww…. Omode o mefo o n pe
The last phrase is proverb from where I come from meaning (
I just couldn’t stand it anymore, for crying out loud, what is wrong with ELVIS JOHNSON. My mom won’t just let me be. Have heard that last statement like a hundred and one times already! What’s with my mom and igbo guys.
The same thing with Henry,John,Rapheal and now Elvis. Is it my fault that I keep ending up with them. Don’t you think, she should leave me alone to make my own decision (and maybe my own mistakes too).

My mother . She is such a sweet woman, selfless personality and beautiful character. But you know there is this thing with mothers and the kinda protection they give their children, female children especially. My mom has three pretty girls more or less WOMEN. Even if she has little or no time for herself and her girls. She doesn’t joke with their relationship and emotional life. She doesn’t joke with them when it comes to MEN,GUYS,BOYS. Whenever she wants to refer to the male person that she is pleased with…she calls him MAN. In her words ” that man worked relentlessly and God was always on his side, he is a responsible man”
and then, when it comes to one that pisses her off, she’ll say ” deola u know you must stay clear of that guy, he is no good for you. He has no prospect”. My mom is such a character.
And then when it is one that is totally irresponsible to her…lol…I remember a scenerio… My friend came over…he was on *carrot jeans*, a body hug and then he was on a nice gold neck chain….in a nutshell he was looking so cool…full of swags (according to me tho)….and then while we were gisting…momsi walked in…gave him a head to toe look as he stood up to greet her “good evening ma”…and then my heart almost jumped out. But you know what, she just replied him..”Good evening” with a straight face…she sat down for a while…watched tv… And right there in my mind I was praying she wouldn’t ask further questions…like “what’s your name”..(Error) but den my prayers weren’t answered.
“What is your name” mom asked. And of course he said “Nonso”. And dat was it…she didn’t ask further questions. As soon as he left… The next question she asked was ” deola, isn’t dat one of those street boys”. ” Mummy, he is not a streetboy, he is a friend” I replied. N all she could say was “hunhmm k o!!”

I love the fact that I have a lovely mother who will not stop checking on him….buh I dnt like d fact that she is trying all she can to make sure I don’t end up with an IGBO GUY.
Just the other day, I was seeing a documentary, “the secret” and then a quote was mentioned- “what you resist will persist”…and then I thought of it….
I kinda agree with that..cause she keeps resisting them…and they keep persisting..
Adesewa, my cute lil sis wasn’t left out o. She is just 10yrs old. And she just got promoted to JSS2. Guess what? Right from when she was in pry 1…most of her classmates, I mean the ones she liked talking about to my mom & 1, had names like chigozie,chinedu,nnena, nnamdi,amaka,chidi….infact there was one of them, they always wait together 4 their mum 2 pick them up after school hours, his name was buchi.
My mom didn’t take things personal then…probably because she thought we weren’t that sensitive.. But now she wouldn’t allow such.
One evening, I got a bombshell from my lil sis, desewa. “Sister mi, I wanna discuss something with you” ….hmmm my mind went straight to the thoughts of her looking for trouble again in school with that her *razor blade tongue* and she is scared of going back to school tomorrow. That’s the discussion my sister will always bring to my table…as if I’m the 1 that sent her to run her mouth about in school. Anyways…it was a bombshell… My 10 going on 11 yrs old kid sis…already has a toaster…as in ” the boy is cute, and he keeps telling me he likes me a lot and wants me to be a special person to him” sister mi, iono wat 2 do o…wat do you think he is insinuating”
& I plainly told her, maybe he wants a relationship. Talking about dat, I remembered my mom & her iSsue with Igbo guys. And then I asked ” what’s d name of this boy sef?”
“His name is victor anyanwu” she replied.
Oopsy….my mom is probably gonna have a heart attack if she gets 2 know this. *anyanwu ke* now this is a bigger error!……….
To Be Continued.


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