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At first sight
In the deep dark night
He was shinning so bright
His eyes, his lips, and then his height
Am crazy about the way he looks @ me
Those looks won’t just let me be
Right there, by his side, is where I wanna be
But something keeps preventing me
The problem is I have not been able to find out what it is
Once, I heard him talk about me
“She has an ugly beauty”
Hearing that, gave my heart a terrible injury
I wondered what kinda beauty can be ugly
I consulted my friends immediately
They made me understand that he hates my beauty
What!!! How can that be
I talked to my mom about it and she said
” That man is no good for you, so don’t even worry about it”
Really, that even got me more worried
In my curiousity, I stole his diary.
And den I stumbled on something
Once he died on d cross of calvary
Cause he was sorry 4 d sins of many
And so in order to call them into His glory
He gave out his life, so amazing!
Suddenly, I felt something like ice running thru my veins
It was like there was a sudden pause in my brain
My eyes were beginning to rain
The words in my mouth got drained
He caught me red-handed,
And then he said
“Relax, I know what you have read
I know exactly what’s going on in your head
You’ve been puzzled about what you heard
Your friends and mom, they claim to know me
They’ve heard a lot conflicting stories about me
They also heard me say things about them
But they didn’t care to know who I am to them
Probably to them, am just history
They know my name, but they don’t know my words neither do they know what it means
But you are different…you saw me in your darkness and you recognised me
You don’t know my name, but you recognised my words
When I say you’ve got an “ugly beauty”
It doesn’t mean you are ugly, neither does it mean you are pretty
It simply means you are lost in a journey though you have the maps
You have everything it takes to walk out of darkness, but you still can’t find your way out
Same goes 4 ur mum and friends
Anyway I am always available to answer your questions
To teach you how to make use of that map
To completely bring you out of that dark tunnel
Though you have tried getting close to me…and it seems like you are farther
It is because of the SINS…that you just can’t let go of
Those *sins* that you have given authority over your life…
Just rely on me…I can help you let go of all of them
And you’ll be closer than ever
That’s why I am called
The Horn of salvation
The author of salvation
The rock of offence
The sanctifier and healer
The Burden bearer
The resurrection & life
Light of life
Word of life
Bread of life
Prince of life
The Alpha and Omega
Now that you know my name
It is a Strong Tower
Make sure you are in it every hour”…… Christ Jesus speaking to every heart!!!

  1. Peter says:


  2. chynedum says:

    Great piece, well written, in one word excellent. Keep moving d ministry forward ……

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