Posted: August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Straight from the heart of a nurse!!
I am a nurse, God made me a nurse
Though not a doctor, who diagnoses your problem
I will sit close beside you and I will listen to your complaint,sufferings and pains
God willing, I will take away all your fears

Though not a doctor who prescribes your medicine
I will serve you with tender loving care
For me that is something I should “be proud of”
even in your slightest discomfort, I am with you making sure that you are alright
I believe in miracle
With my soft and tender hands I bring you love and hope
I render skillful care to you and show you my priceless smiles

I comfort, stand and care for you
The one who dare to touch your hands in your delicate moments,
When you feel lonely and hopeless,
I let yoy know that I will stay close beside you when there is no one to embrace
Yes I am a nurse, d 1 in white apparels
A murse with a caring nature,
An advocate nurse,
For the best of human race,
I am a nurse, God made me a nurse.


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