teen agers

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Energetic Empowered Natural Age-group God is Ever Ready to Save.

Teenagers, probably more than any other age group, are a study in contradictions. While its natural for adults to stereotype them in different ways (lazy,smart,energetic, or disrespectful, just to name but a few) , teens as a segment of the overall population are also very different.
Someone was said *the teenage age is the most peculiar and unstable age*
The question most parents ask is “are today’s teenagers spiritual or unspritual”. There is obviously not an easy answer. In fact, the answers one would get would be as varied as the number of people asked
Many sources of information paint a picture of teenagers as a whole being deeply religious and having integrated the christian faith into the fabric of their lifestyles. You have heard such events as:
– true love waits
– see me at the pole
– christian clubs in schools and other signs of either revival or spiritual awakening among them
A nationwide survey of teenagers from all works of life by a well known “christian sociologist , titled the THE THIRD MILLENIUM TEENS”, suggest that the christian faith is pretty much a subjective area in the lives of most teenagers. It is simply one of the many parts of life that blend into the total experience of adolescence. Unfortunately, neither teenage behaviour nor beliefs at least according to the surveys report, support the notion that this age group as a whole is deeply spiritual or truly committed to the christian faith
What next? The need to be connected to the source that matters, source that produces good life “the living water”
Psalm1vs3- and he/she shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his/her fruit in his seasons; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he doeth shall prosper”. This spelt out the four blessings of the righteous teens not the wicked teen.
-The righteous – like the tree planted, cultivated, and well watered; not like one growing wild in the field
– The wicked- like the chaff that blows away and scorn perishes
The emphasis is on teens who live to fufil the purpose in life for which God created him/her. Rev4:11 God created us all for His pleasure.
A righteous teen will:
1. Delights in the word of God (ps119:9)
2. Medidates in it day and night (josh 1:8)
3. Consecrates to obey it – seperate from the world and join unto God
4. Makes it his rule of life and conduct (Josh 1:22-27)
5. Makes it his standard of faith and religion (2 tim 3:16-173
6. Reads it to gain knowledge and wisdom ( rev1:3, eph5:4)
7. Feeds on it to grow spiritually ( 1pet2:1-3 ; rom10:17)


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