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Sometimes I wonder what it really means to be new. The book of wisdom says in 1 corinthians5:17 makes us understand that being new is being in Christ. Cause when you are in christ you no longer operate as an human being ,you begin to operate as a spiritual being full of the spirit of truth, strange to the WORLD and filled with the WORD.
You begin to operate as a new citizen, in a new economy,in a new country free from the unnecessary hardship the world has placed on you. As a new creature you are a special person before God.
Practically,new things are always distinguished. You can always tell when a girl is on a new hairdo same goes for a new dress& a new shoe , not just by looking @ hair but also the way she makes it so noticeable….unlike an old hairdo that she will make sure she covers with something. Put urself in the position of a new hairdo and Christ as the girl…. Christ has you and he wants you to manifest…dats y he made it clear to us that ‘a city set on the hill can’t be hidden’
The only difference between you and a new dress,hairdo,or shoe is that a time will come when they will all become old and will need a replacement. But it not so for you that’s in Christ!!. If Jesus Christ is in you today…and He is the same yesterday, today and forever more(hebrews 13:8) then you if you become new today, it’s d same tomorrow and forever more!!
For those of us very conversant with season movies. You should have heard of “VAMPIRE DIARIES”. Yeah right. You should also know that vampire pass vampire. You should also know that there is a special breed of vampires called the ORIGINALS. Why are they called so… (Now just see yourself as vampire) So long they continue to feed on blood (ur source of life is the blood of Christ) they remain ever young. Infact, they don’t die no matter what…they always come back to life not even ‘vervain’ can kill them( Rom8:35-39 AMP) . The only way they can be killed is when a dagger is driven into their heart ( that dagger represent SIN/UNHOLINESS not being able to abide by the rules set by the Blood which is your source). It doesn’t end there o…the dagger also has to remain in their heart, cause the moment it is driven out….and they feed on blood…they become as new as ever…(The moment we let go of SIN, and we go back to our source ,John3:16 & 1corinthians5:17 happens)
We all should know that it irritates God to see daggers in our hearts…its just like a maize farmer coming to farm and finiding his maize feasting wiv d birds….
Give it a deep thought…make a decision today…to be new and remain new in christ… A friend once said…
A lot of ppl dnt understand that “righteousness” is knowing&believing the rules and “holiness” is abiding by the rules…. If it wasn’t possible to be righteous and holy…then God wouldn’t have asked us to…… You can only be more than a conqueror when Christ is involved…& when He is not you are less than a looser!
Finallly as Paul said.. “friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse”……..

  1. adeksjuny says:

    Goood! i dnt watch vampires diary, bt i never heard from dat angle be4. thumbs up

  2. Peter says:

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
    Love the connection
    love the insight
    beautiful piece

  3. Peter says:

    But i would rather replace d “blood of Jesus” as in the context with ” The word of God”…cos d more we feed on it,d “newer” we fill,but love its relations when you said we feed on d blood after been stuck with d dagger “sin”…cos dats when d Blood of Jesus cleanse us from our sins.
    Lovely write up!

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