Destiny in the wilderness

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We have been called outta darkness
Into an untold brightness
But some are lost due to mere vagueness
Others are due to perverseness
Some think they don’t have purpose
Some already sold out their purpose
Others don’t understand their purpose
But you see your purpose is your function
And when you don’t know your function
You will most definitely malfunction
So long you are part HIS creation
You’ve got a function
Although some have chosen to recreate themselves into a dysfunction
Its their decision
That is to say…your destiny is your decision
Psalm106:40-43(MSG) gives a better explanation
I think we are beginning to treat Psalm106:44-46 with silliness(levity)
Forgetting (Deu4:23-24) that God is not to be trifled with
This is the reason
Many have made decisions in the wilderness
Wasting away without consciousness
Forgetting that we can’t “fake” Holiness
And we cant “form” righteousness
We can only deceive ourselves
Note- righteousness is all about knowing & believing the rules
And holiness is about abiding by the rules
This is not a matter of undergoing any deliverance session
Its about making a reasonable selection
The wilderness-wasteland-dryland
Or the city-metropolis-wetland
Today, whatever or whoever we are
is a make-up of the decisions we’ve made so far
The destiny in the wilderness
Is a life full of choices made outta carelessness
Made outta unruliness
Made outta weakness
& outta unwillingness to know,believe,and abide by the rules
We are Gods production
& Every product comes with manuals of instruction&directions on how to function
When the instructions are ignored or manipulated,the result is a malfunction
The result is a destiny in the wilderness but you know what….
Even in the wilderness,His WORD still covers you…(Isaiah42:16 ; 40:1-8)…


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