Posted: September 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

This goes to everyone anywhere that has gone through or is going through series of hardship,disappointment,hatred and rejection. Just keep breathing….hang on

No matter what the road has been like
No matter what the journey has been like
There is a great man that keeps saying
“Come to me,when you are weary
I’ll give you hope, when you are hurting
I’ll give you rest from your burden”
How much have you gone through?
All your trust deceived you
All your love hated you
All your hope gave up on you
And your conclusion is to let go
Let me remind you
This great man went through even worse for you
&because of you HE chose not to let go
If only you can hang on & keep breathing
Stop feeling forsaken
Stop feeling forgotten
HE said “…a mother might forget her sucking child, but I will never forget thee…”
Finding it hard to keep THE RULES OF LIFE
He has made it easy by laying down HIS LIFE
The one thing you have to do
Is hang on to that Life He has given you
& keep breathing!!!
Those who loved you hate you
Probably because the reason they loved you has expired
But HE loves you unconditionally no matter what transpires
Those you trusted deceived you
Probably because they don’t even trust theirself…
Those who gave up on you, at one point in their life also gave up on theirself
But there is one person you can always trust
One person that will never give up on you
One person that has promised to be loving & faithful
Even when you don’t give Him enough reason to be
If you need a shelter,HE is a strong tower
If you don’t know where to start from, He is the author and the finisher, the Alpha & omega
If you’ve got battles, HE is the mighty warrior
If the doctors have said NO, He is the Healer
If your father is no more, HE is an everlasting father
If you are in any kinda bondage, He is the Deliverer
If your life has been more or less *war-like*…He is the Prince of Peace
Having a boring and dry kinda life, he is the livingwater
What more can you ask for….. HE IS CHRIST JESUS!!!


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