the PROVERBS 31 CHiC by Chinedum

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi guyz! This goes to everyone male or female…chic or guy…it was written by a friend and I enjoyed it…so I decided to share it with you…. Have fun

Who can find a Proverbs 31 chic for her price is far more than rubies and material things, different from the other girls that call themselves bitches,she knows the word and practice what it teaches. When other girls are busy cat walking she is taking steps in the right direction ordered by the lord
Early in the morning when she wakes she goes on her knees quietly talking to her father in sincerity and on the road when she walks she knows how to rock her heels nicely .The words that describe her are beautiful,graceful,charming,angelic,pretty and elegant and sexy is not one of them.
She lives by the truth in the word of God and doesn’t fall for the lies of the media and playboys because she is not a toy she knows she is the daughter of the most high .
She strives to be like the ladies in the bible and not the ones she sees in the music videos and on the cover of playboy magazine, she carries herself with dignity, panache,self respect and dresses modestly like a princess because her father is the King of kings
She is filled with the joy of the lord that explains the charming smile always on her face, she loves to go out on evangelism and preach because she knows there are souls she has to reach .Her heart is not made of glass its unbreakable because she has hidden it in God her father so any guy that wants to get her has to get to God to find her.
She is wonderfully and fearfully made sculpted by the creator of heaven and from the rib of her Adam .To her, true beauty is spiritual that’s why she doesn’t put her trust in makeup she knows the stuff she is made of….

Yaay! I definitely know the stuff made of… And am proud to be a CHIC!


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