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Don’t make a complaint, make a change. If there was no problem in the world God created, there won’t be any need for Jesus to come down n die right? But He came because He found a problem He needed to solve. That’s why He said He hasn’t come for the saved, but for the lost sheep of Isreal.
Jesus was so full of God’s glory, He had to manifest. When He came down, He encountered series of problems especially with those that He came for. Another avenue to manifest Gods glory. He began to make a change instead of making complaints of ‘nobody to work with’. How did He do that? By impacting n How did He impact? He started with the ‘low-lives’,’fishermen’,’the weak’,’the sick’,’the nobodies’. How did He start with them? He made them realize that there are better ways of doing things, n there are better ways viewing things.
Now,what stops us from doing the same? Yewande Bernard an image consultant made me understand that at some point she discovered there are somethings people were not just getting right and these people r beginning to make it a norm, a lifestyle which is definitely not the GODlifestyle. So she CHOSE to express reality, to eradicate that DARKNESS that people were beginning to take as LIGHT. She went into image consulting…rebranding humans to suite the G-lifestyle, n today she’s fufilling purpose. SHE simply found a PROBlEM n then chose to make a CHANGE.
The thing with most of us is that we’ve identified these problems, we’ve found them but we are either scared of or resistant to change!…..
To be continued….


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