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Hey guys, how was your sunday…who did you dedicate this day to… As for me, It was dedicated to the Father of fathers…yorubas call Him “baba t’oju baba lo”….eletilukara bi ajere…eledumare,arugbojo,adakedajo,awamaridi,awimayehun..aki kiitan… So much to say about Him
Well that’s whom I dedicate everyoda day to…buh this is special. how? I lay down all the mess I went through during the prev.week & the ones am scared of going through in d coming week & then He gives me a strong message,word,instruction that carries me on. I advice you to try nt to joke wiv your sundays whreva u find yourself (in church or @ home).
I got something today & I wanna share it wiv u in very short series…so they can absorbed properly… Slow n steady_________
Its about the Holy Spirit & My conscience… Ever wondered their differences n how they operate in you.. Let’s take a look @ what they are for these series

* The Holyspirit reps the presence,voice & power of God in you as an Heir of the father. My conscience reps the humanity in me!
How? You’ll notice when you wanna criticise bokoharam bombers, the man that raped his daughter n oda acts as such…you’ll most likely say they behaved INHUMAN or u’ll say “they don’t have conscience”. Well,the thing is these people probably had conscience buh its either dead,contaminated,polluted,”animalistic” or evil for reasons best known to them. Now this is where the HolySpirit comes in. Now the Holyspirit is the voice and presence of God in your life dat makes realise the state of ur conscience n life…makes you aware of the weakness n darkness in ur life n then helps and directs you to fight it by reminding n teaching you all things pertaining to life n godliness. In other words the HOLY SPRIT FINE-TUNES your conscience.. The thing is, HE can only do this if and only if you choose to let HIM do it.
Most of us…heirs of the Father so called…in one little way or the other try to fine-tune the Holyspirit by using our conscience that we have manipulated… Buh it doesn’t work n will never work that way… Bible says He remains Faithful to Himself, He can’t deny Himself!
Simply put, your conscience only makes you aware of what is inhuman and evil…every human created by God has a conscience…n so its the devils target. The moment you give access to your conscience…he’ll keep giving you nonsense wrapped in gold n u won’t even realise it..until you ENCOUNTER the one who originally moulded YoUR CoNSCIENCE so that He can put it bck in shape Thru the HolySpirit…remember ROM8:11!
Alright that’s all for now, let me have your views!!…

Coming soon…” The HolySpirit is like an inserted memory card of God while your conscience is like an inbuilt memory from God! Every phone comes an inbuilt memory but not every phone comes with a memory card” think about it….




In the beginning was the word INTRODUCTION
He gave commands to evil spirits AUTHORITY
His kingdom will reign forever ETERNITY
He washed the feet of his disciples-HUMILITY
Death couldn’t get a hold on him IMMUNITY
His name is King of Kings ROYALTY
He is God the Father Son ant the Holy Spirit TRINITY
He walked on waters IMPOSSIBILITY
He healed the blind with mixed spit and sand CREATIVITY
He is the author of SALVATION
He lived a life free of sin PERFECTION
In the wilderness he was tempted TEMPTATION
He fasted for forty days and forty nights PREPARATION
He loved us so mush he gave his begotten son AFFECTION
He gave them food after preaching COMPASSION
He gave us rights to become children of God Jhn 1:12 ADOPTION
They celebrated His entry into Jerusalem CELEBRATION
He is the light of the world ILLUMINATION
He died on the cross for you and i CRUCIFIXION
On the third day,he rose RESURRECTION
He gave me a new life am so brand new RECREATION
On the cross he said it is finished CONCLUSION

Hey guys! Been a long while…yeah right! Well….this is another reflection of a program I attended….” Discovery for women” *make over* of which tara durotoye (house of tara), Ibukunoluwa Awosika, Yetunde Bernard, Olajumoke Olayera, Mrs koiki Laide (greensprings school), General manager of Chevron C.E.O ‘His majesty kitchen’, and the likes of them were in attendance…. “Every write-up I publish is a reflection of what have experienced or observed”
According to me! There are two set of people in the world: those that make the COMPLAINTS! and those that make the CHANGES!
If there was no problem in the perfect world God created, there won’t be any need for Christ to come over the way He did. But He has come n will still come again because He found a problem He needed to solve. He said He hasn’t come for the saved but for the lost sheep of Israel.
How did He go about solving? He started with the low-lives, the fisher men, the weak, and the nobodies. He taught them better ways of living life and showed them the brighter side of life..
What stops us from doing that in our own little way. Take Yetunde Bernard an image consultant for example; she made me understand that at a point in her life she realised there are a whole lot of things people were not getting right. These people were beginning to make it a norm like a tradition, a lifestyle..which is definitely not the G-lifestyle(GOD). So she decided to express reality….to bring light into the darkness that people were begining to take as light….she went into image consulting…teaching people the right way to dress, to eat, to talk, to play, to socialise, public behaviours and to live life better.. And now she’s been making waves, working internationally and nationally. Making a better life for herself and for the world in her own little way
Mrs. Ibukun Awosika (CEO) Sokoa Nigeria Ltd made me understand that, every single problem in this problem filled world we talk about is an avenue or opportunity for manifestation! An opportunity for discovery. The bible already made us understand, we are in the last days, these problems will keep arising but we must keep manifesting and overcoming. What does that mean to you. More problems will arise as well as more opportunities for the manifestation of the sons of God(us).
Problems come as a result of someone else’s failure to do certain things or perform certain responsibilities. Solutions come as a result of someone’s ability to be efficient and effective, responsible and active. The thing is the more people fail to perform their little responsiblities the more the problem arises until it becomes an issue that the same people begin to complain about…instead of making a change.
I’ll conclude with Philipians 4:8—- think on these things!! And a paraphrase of Micheal Jackson’s lyrics! ” If you really want that change, take a good look at the man in the mirror”… It begins with someone…that someone is you,me,and us