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In the beginning was the word INTRODUCTION
He gave commands to evil spirits AUTHORITY
His kingdom will reign forever ETERNITY
He washed the feet of his disciples-HUMILITY
Death couldn’t get a hold on him IMMUNITY
His name is King of Kings ROYALTY
He is God the Father Son ant the Holy Spirit TRINITY
He walked on waters IMPOSSIBILITY
He healed the blind with mixed spit and sand CREATIVITY
He is the author of SALVATION
He lived a life free of sin PERFECTION
In the wilderness he was tempted TEMPTATION
He fasted for forty days and forty nights PREPARATION
He loved us so mush he gave his begotten son AFFECTION
He gave them food after preaching COMPASSION
He gave us rights to become children of God Jhn 1:12 ADOPTION
They celebrated His entry into Jerusalem CELEBRATION
He is the light of the world ILLUMINATION
He died on the cross for you and i CRUCIFIXION
On the third day,he rose RESURRECTION
He gave me a new life am so brand new RECREATION
On the cross he said it is finished CONCLUSION


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