Hey guys! Been a long while…yeah right! Well….this is another reflection of a program I attended….” Discovery for women” *make over* of which tara durotoye (house of tara), Ibukunoluwa Awosika, Yetunde Bernard, Olajumoke Olayera, Mrs koiki Laide (greensprings school), General manager of Chevron C.E.O ‘His majesty kitchen’, and the likes of them were in attendance…. “Every write-up I publish is a reflection of what have experienced or observed”
According to me! There are two set of people in the world: those that make the COMPLAINTS! and those that make the CHANGES!
If there was no problem in the perfect world God created, there won’t be any need for Christ to come over the way He did. But He has come n will still come again because He found a problem He needed to solve. He said He hasn’t come for the saved but for the lost sheep of Israel.
How did He go about solving? He started with the low-lives, the fisher men, the weak, and the nobodies. He taught them better ways of living life and showed them the brighter side of life..
What stops us from doing that in our own little way. Take Yetunde Bernard an image consultant for example; she made me understand that at a point in her life she realised there are a whole lot of things people were not getting right. These people were beginning to make it a norm like a tradition, a lifestyle..which is definitely not the G-lifestyle(GOD). So she decided to express reality….to bring light into the darkness that people were begining to take as light….she went into image consulting…teaching people the right way to dress, to eat, to talk, to play, to socialise, public behaviours and to live life better.. And now she’s been making waves, working internationally and nationally. Making a better life for herself and for the world in her own little way
Mrs. Ibukun Awosika (CEO) Sokoa Nigeria Ltd made me understand that, every single problem in this problem filled world we talk about is an avenue or opportunity for manifestation! An opportunity for discovery. The bible already made us understand, we are in the last days, these problems will keep arising but we must keep manifesting and overcoming. What does that mean to you. More problems will arise as well as more opportunities for the manifestation of the sons of God(us).
Problems come as a result of someone else’s failure to do certain things or perform certain responsibilities. Solutions come as a result of someone’s ability to be efficient and effective, responsible and active. The thing is the more people fail to perform their little responsiblities the more the problem arises until it becomes an issue that the same people begin to complain about…instead of making a change.
I’ll conclude with Philipians 4:8—- think on these things!! And a paraphrase of Micheal Jackson’s lyrics! ” If you really want that change, take a good look at the man in the mirror”… It begins with someone…that someone is you,me,and us

  1. Azuike healings says:

    Awesome! Arise arise cause your attitude to see a solution and take responsibility! Grace(Hs)

  2. chynedum says:

    Well said and written,I’ll look at the man in the mirror and I’ll start now

  3. Joshua says:

    Waoh… All thanks to Beequeuet.

    Henceforth, I choose to be optimistic. I choose to see opportunities in every difficulty. I choose to think positively.
    Thank you Jesus for i’m a solution and not a problem.

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