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There is a huge difference between a CAREER christian and a CALLED christian!!
A Career christian lives by bread alone matt4:4a.. He serves to earn a living for himself!!D major reason he’s involved is for his benefits
A CALLED christian serves 2 worship 4 an eternal purpose,fulfilling d mandate–>2 know Him n 2 make Him known!!
A Called Christian understands dat wivout d GOD-factor…all his “SOMETHING” sums up to “NOTHING”
But when HE is involved!!!! Everything dat seems lyk nothing sums up 2 gr8things Why?!! Bcos he inserts an eternal purpose..unending purpose
There’s a limit to ur adequacy when u operate as career christian…u operate outside grace…n when d going gets tough…ur toughness(ur self-strength) earns u nothing
But on the other hand a called christian…operates in grace so amazing coupled wiv an eternal purpose…. so “when the going gets tough…the GRACED get going”
Cause your adequacy is in CHRIST 2cor3:4-7
A career christian takes Christ like a business partner…if dere’s no readily recognised n available profit d business partner seeks to dissolve d partnership. In otherwords a CAREER christian looks @ the hand of God “focuses more on receiving from Him,than listening to Him.
But a Called Christian takes Christ as a FRIEND! Works hand in hand 2 fufill d mandate… Gets to know CHRIST,looks @ His face n den His hands.
Think about it. Phil4:8
Lord pls help….expose me to myself….come n take ur place…I have confidence in u dat u’ll lead me thru dis eternal purpose…I ask n I bliv in u dat u’ll tk me out of being a career christian 2 being a called christain dat I am!!!
I am God-made…1Godmopol…allwivGOD!!
Thank you Jesus for this rhema…keep me conscious of it every single second of my life…take me deeper,get me lost in u… Wanna be a rogue defined by UUUUU! As u fill me up wiv the grace to always wanna do it better…Thank you lord! Amen


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