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Christians of today have God physically present on their lips but He’s emotionally absent in our minds the power seat where he shd be! There has been a meeting but no encounter.The mark of a christian!! What ‘s a mark…what’s d significance of a mark…
There is so much to being a christian than practising the christian “religion”. A mark is an identity, a symbol of representation. For instance, the mark of a pregnant woman is her protruded stomach. The mark of a muslim sister is the “hijab” The mark of a fish is its water habitat. The mark of a tailor is the presence of niddle n thread or a tape-rule. The mark of a doctor is obviously the stethoscope!
All these marks are like identification numbers and symbols of representations that is known or attached to a thing,an event or someone.
A mark could also refer to the influence or impact an event or a person has made…. It’s often said that “we ought to live our life in a way that when we are gone our marks will be felt by those we left behind”
It has come to my notice that a lot of ‘christians’ have missed it from the very beginning. Some practise it like its a career to earn a living… We say we are worshiping a living God but we worship him using the standards set by our human dead institutions (wisdom)
Some take being a christain as a trial and error thing or as a first aid agency. They just run into it when an emergency pops up in their life and then run outta it when the emergency has been addressed
Some others see christianity as a boost for their social status. They use it as an oppurtunity to belong to high cacus societies in “church” where they can dribble money and control funds in the name of God. Smh
Some others are just christians because everyone around is a christian…
Let’s look at the word “christian” itself
Its a 2syllable word divided into Christ-ian.
Now any word that the suffix ‘ian’ is attached to implies ” a product of something” “a source or where something or someone comes from” “belonging to something” and “relating to something”. For instance anything nigerian comes from nigeria, belongs to nigeria,relates to nigeria,or has nigeria as a source. Therefore from the word “christian” we can say that we belong to christ, we originate from christ,our source is Christ…..we sum this all up to say our identity is Christ….
2corinthians4:4 tells us dat our source and very essence Chrsit Jesus!is d IMAGE OF GOD. Automatically what are we?? The image of God… Automatically we, our very selves are the mark of christianity….
James3:9 makes us understand that WE ,men, were made in this image of God!!(CHRIST)
Any wonder y the bible says! All things were made thru HIM,in HIm, and by Him.
We’ve been called into Him,into a Maverllous Light! Christ is a maverllous light! Dats y we’ve been declared THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!! THE MARK OF CHRISTIANITY!
Again and again! The mark of a christian is CHRIST JESUS. We’ve been called 2 show our mark! CHRIST JESUS…
how do u know ure in a foursquare church environment….u’ll see d image representation of the 4 fold messages of God…spreading d entire essence of christ…His kingship,His spirit and manifestation, His ministry of healing and restoration, and His saving power.
It all boils down to Christ!!!!
Our identity is christ…christians are there4 replicas of christ here on earth….showcasing his way of life.
A Christian who has received Christ can say with assurance, “I know that I have eternal life. I’m sure. I have received Christ. There are certain evidences in my life that indicate that I’ve passed from death unto life. Whether I was conscious of the moment or unconscious of it, I’ve passed from death unto life and I know that I’m ready to meet God. I know in whom I have believed.”
This mark is irresistible!!! If uve ever noticed in Nigeria.Every nigerian especially d ones dat has been living in places lyk ikotun,igando,onipannu,yaba,mushin, and the likes of dem.The moment we see a spark of light! Whether the light stays or not…. We all shout
UP NEPA!! In our different styles…
What I am saying in essence is dat light has become an irresistible mark of identifying Nigerians!! U can’t just help but shout it! Even if you wanna b tush a little u’ll say “there’s light, thank God” or my friend will swaggaliciously say ” OMG! There’s light I need to charge my BB”
Its just irresistible…
In otherwords, the mark of a christian is irresistible (Christ Jesus) in the sense that when a christian is present, Christ is present…and when Christ is present bible says there’s fullness of joy. There’s peace,comfort, there are answers and solutions!!! so lyk Nigerians do with Nepa light… When a christian is present people begin to realise wrongs, people begin 2 see solutions, people begin 2 hear d good news, people begin 2 experience freedom and peace of mind just bcos christians are present there.
No wonder, principalities and powers tremble @His voice, His presence. A man of God shared a testimony…he got an house help who unknowingly was possessed by demons & d very night she stepped into that house she couldn’t sleep…she became so restless! Y was she so restless?….there was a mark!!an irresistible identity..dwelling in that location!! Funny enough this man of God had neigbhours who were gr8 men of God… As a matter of fact there were 4 gr8 true christian families living in dat compound!
Take note of this 1 christian =millions of marks pointing out the power of Christ! Now there were 4 christians here… How can a demon survive!
He said she had to go sleep under their car all through the night…the next morning she wanted to leave and he told her ” you are not going until you see fire!”
Another thing about this mark is dat its iRresistibility power cannot be overcomed! It’s an identity that showcases the irresistible power in a CHRIST-ian… It reps unlimited overflow!
So much to say about the mark of a christian.
Paul said HENCEFORTH! Let no man or spirit( money,economic depression,peer pressure,sexual tempatation, institutions of this world, boyfriends of rebellion, girlfriends of abomination, commonly accepted wrongs, amongst others!) trouble me!!! BECAUSE I BEAR/CARRY/SHOWCASE (CHRISTJESUS!)the marks of christ Jesus.
As christians we let go of our own self, that christ jesus will take HIS very own place @ d very centre of lives…in control of d power seat of our life..which is OUR MIND! N den it becomes the mind of christ!
Do u think the world “christian” was given by God or by the apostles!! Its because of this MARK!!! It was recorded that they were first called christians in Antioch. Why? Because they’ve seen that this people originate from the CHRIST dat we saw, they are just talking,manifesting,eating, praying,living, dressing,relating with people, just like CHRIST.
Tell me why they shoudnt…right from the very beginning they were made in HIS lIKENESS!!!
This one last thing!!! Bible says, the foundation of the lord standeth sure! This is the seal…the LORD(CHRIST) knows those who are HIS! Brethren!! He knows those who bear his mark oh… Remember at the start of this I said religion carries a mark…christianity carries a mark
As a poet once said christ is actually available to abolish religion so that relationship of worship can be projected instead or human rules of worship…
Be a CHRIST-ian, BE CHRIST…. Let the word of God dwell in u richly… Let the mark of christ be projected… Everybody can easily identify that I am MRS FOLAKEMI’s daughter because we have same voice! Same look! Especially the head and the nose lol…that’s d mark…
You can’t do this alone…thats y HE has poured out his spirit upon ALL flesh, young n old, thin or fat,big or small,educated or uneducated, ‘ALL’ against all boundaries…. Receive this IRRESISTIBLE SPIRIT of POWER n GRACE. GIVE IT what I call AUDIENCE!!! Let it speak and act….
…………..THE MARK of a CHRIST-ian is CHRIST himself…LET THE BEAUTY OF CHRIST JESUS be seen in US…..amen

Abisayo oluwanifemi

  1. purplequill says:

    This is beautiful Bee! I’m blessed by it! Keep it coming darling mine!

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