Posted: February 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

The hour has come for the people of irresistible Influence to take their place and begin to manifest and fulfil the mandate of knowing Christ and Making Him known!!


A generation of an IRRESISTIBLE Influence? Can we have such a generation of people? Oh! YES!!! A group of people whose mien, actions and decisions are indeed influential to others around them. Not just influential but irresistible.

A set of personalities whose spirit-filled lives become the mirror which others in the world jostle to utilise and mark as yardstick. Lives that will be change agents. Indeed propellers of innovative ideas and progress. Persons that will stand tall above corruption, average-minded thought process, pessimists and believers in mediocrity.

In this world of perverseness, sorcery, nudity, inflamed passion for media buzz and social networking, the youthful generation is indeed being caught by the bug. Many a lives are pining away. A generation budding is that which spend eternity on social networks just uploading pictures of ‘achievements’ they term ‘landmarks’. Asides being emergency photo men, they vigorously keep tabs on the ephemeral things…

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