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This journal is as a result of my regular fellowship with father in reference to everything that is a part of me i.e my relationships,my familY,my academics,my vocation, and my lifestyle.

The journal started from the 19th year of my life. For every new year of my life, there are always daily messages from my Father to teach me d truth, instruct me unto righteousness, rebuke my faults and correct my errors.

As you read through these messages i pray the holyspirit gives u insight,understanding,and correct interpretations to your practical

September 13,2013.
    Sometimes in life  uve gotta step down a little or take few steps backwards in order to see further and farther
       Uve also gotta look upside down to see inside out. 

– think about it, God is  ready to deposit every bit of His glory in you. But He doesnt like to share or compete with the devil in your heart.  It hurts Him so bad that many do not even realise this i.e how much He loves us.  We need 2 move from a place of meeting to the place of encounter.

–when God looks @ the earth, HE doesnt see the world with a church,but a church with the world around

— this our Fathers business is no popularity contest, its @ SOULBIZ not showbiz

——Consciously or unconsciously your mind dictates your life and the choices you make

Your life will definitely tell a story, friends write a good 1.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2013.


They that know dier God shall be strong and do exploit, but they that know not their God shall be weak n be exploited by d world.

We cant fake righteousness, we cant form holiness, we can only deceive ourselves.

Righteousness is abt knowing d rules and believing in d rules. Holiness is simply abiding by those rules

If u av insufficient knowledge about aw much God loves u, u’ll also have insufficient knowledge abt aw much d devil hates u

Sometimes wat we want doesnt necessarily want us buh we just force ourselves into it and force ourselves

Sometimes in life uve gotta think outta d box. Let go of social,financial,humam protocols and make optimal use of God’s divine protocols.



Authentic love nt romantatic love
Shaky foundation- shaky relationship
Zero foundation- zero relationship
Solid foundation- solid relationship
Romantic Love is not enough….
Authentic love goes beyond saying d words “I love you”….It explains it, showcases it, protects it,makes d best out of it, fulfils it…..
Guys are so smart….dey cud just lead d babe on n on…until dey are full of it….n den pass u on 2 d next…..2 d next 2 d next….den u bcom a universal charger….
Romantic love makes u blind….
Authentic love can see…it has 8eyes… 4inside n 4outside.
Can these lady or guy make me happy 2moro
D happiness she’s giving me 2day, will it remain till 2moro n beyond…
When u base ur rela on eyesight ur marriage will bcome eyesore
Does he want a beta life/marriage dan dat of his parents… Or she wants 2 b a beta wife dan her mother was.
It doesn’t just end @ wanting it….what’s she doing abt it
How close z he to his creator…. If he’s close or he’s far away…. Dere’s nothing lyk smhw far or close…
Else He’ll wonder about life aimlessly…n he’ll carry u along
Aw prepared are you for this….z he really ready to lock up n just focus on u n u only…. If he’s nt prepared dere’ll b a lot of repairs to do…

Ask God abt d content….n not d container
How do u prepare!
Financial- dnt eva go into marriage wivout having finance to tk kia of ur woman…so if u want ur woman u must prepare n focus for her finance
Domestically- cooking,cleaniness,early to rise,good habits, …..this is so regardless of ur finance or spiritual status. Don’t get married as a girl bcom a woman, get marrried as a woman bcom a wife.
If ure nt a wife u bcom a knife…
Dnt get married as a boy bcom a man…if nt instead of being a head u bcom a headache. Get married as a man bcom a husband nt as a horseman…. N ur wife bcomes a horse dat’ll ride u on her bck all d days of her life.
If u marry a boy…u’ll keep looking 4 love n u bcom ur wifes rival…
Marriage is a responsibility, if ure nt responsible for marriage dnt bother

Marriage is not just being ready for d glamour of d wedding…it’s abt labour of love
It’s nt just abt poems n sweet words of love….it’s abt love in action,attention,n affection…regardless of situations
Dnt go into marriage wiv emotions in mind…go into it wiv responsibility in mind$
Marriage is celebrating d asset of ur spouse to any1 dat’ll get odas wishing dey were u…. It is also tolerating d liability n keeping it away from anyone n den tolerating n dealing wiv it
Sisters dnt look for car owners….look for care-givers

Brothers dnt wait for d best cars n best house …..buh prepare to have dem wiv ur wife…n work hard, hand-in-hand 2wards it….

D most important thing b4 u go into marriage…is going into marriage as a selfless person…as a servant…marriage to serve…
When the man goes in2 marriage as a servant and d woman goes in as a servant…. D marriage bcoms a master marriage…one dat ppl look up to…
Buh when u go into marriage wiv selfishness…she must cook 4 me, wash 4 me, serve me n give me children, he must provide 4 me, serve me, n satisfy me…. Everything is abt ‘me’,’me’ … D marriage bcoms a turbulent 1…bcos 2 ‘me’ masters come 2geda n no 1 will bow 4 d oda.

Sunday service!

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Hey guys, how was your sunday…who did you dedicate this day to… As for me, It was dedicated to the Father of fathers…yorubas call Him “baba t’oju baba lo”….eletilukara bi ajere…eledumare,arugbojo,adakedajo,awamaridi,awimayehun..aki kiitan… So much to say about Him
Well that’s whom I dedicate everyoda day to…buh this is special. how? I lay down all the mess I went through during the prev.week & the ones am scared of going through in d coming week & then He gives me a strong message,word,instruction that carries me on. I advice you to try nt to joke wiv your sundays whreva u find yourself (in church or @ home).

Going 2 church every sunday doesn’t certify dat ure christ-like… Ure just a sunday worshipper a.k.a church-goer…. What God requires of us (micah6:8) is :
To do what is JUST
To show constant LOVE
To have an humble fellowship wiv God!!!…
Don’t go to church 2day bcos its a weekly routine u do….Go 2day to fellowship with fellow believers n worship God in harmony!