Marriage: dos and donts (an excerpts from pastor bisi’s teachings)

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Authentic love nt romantatic love
Shaky foundation- shaky relationship
Zero foundation- zero relationship
Solid foundation- solid relationship
Romantic Love is not enough….
Authentic love goes beyond saying d words “I love you”….It explains it, showcases it, protects it,makes d best out of it, fulfils it…..
Guys are so smart….dey cud just lead d babe on n on…until dey are full of it….n den pass u on 2 d next…..2 d next 2 d next….den u bcom a universal charger….
Romantic love makes u blind….
Authentic love can see…it has 8eyes… 4inside n 4outside.
Can these lady or guy make me happy 2moro
D happiness she’s giving me 2day, will it remain till 2moro n beyond…
When u base ur rela on eyesight ur marriage will bcome eyesore
Does he want a beta life/marriage dan dat of his parents… Or she wants 2 b a beta wife dan her mother was.
It doesn’t just end @ wanting it….what’s she doing abt it
How close z he to his creator…. If he’s close or he’s far away…. Dere’s nothing lyk smhw far or close…
Else He’ll wonder about life aimlessly…n he’ll carry u along
Aw prepared are you for this….z he really ready to lock up n just focus on u n u only…. If he’s nt prepared dere’ll b a lot of repairs to do…

Ask God abt d content….n not d container
How do u prepare!
Financial- dnt eva go into marriage wivout having finance to tk kia of ur woman…so if u want ur woman u must prepare n focus for her finance
Domestically- cooking,cleaniness,early to rise,good habits, …..this is so regardless of ur finance or spiritual status. Don’t get married as a girl bcom a woman, get marrried as a woman bcom a wife.
If ure nt a wife u bcom a knife…
Dnt get married as a boy bcom a man…if nt instead of being a head u bcom a headache. Get married as a man bcom a husband nt as a horseman…. N ur wife bcomes a horse dat’ll ride u on her bck all d days of her life.
If u marry a boy…u’ll keep looking 4 love n u bcom ur wifes rival…
Marriage is a responsibility, if ure nt responsible for marriage dnt bother

Marriage is not just being ready for d glamour of d wedding…it’s abt labour of love
It’s nt just abt poems n sweet words of love….it’s abt love in action,attention,n affection…regardless of situations
Dnt go into marriage wiv emotions in mind…go into it wiv responsibility in mind$
Marriage is celebrating d asset of ur spouse to any1 dat’ll get odas wishing dey were u…. It is also tolerating d liability n keeping it away from anyone n den tolerating n dealing wiv it
Sisters dnt look for car owners….look for care-givers

Brothers dnt wait for d best cars n best house …..buh prepare to have dem wiv ur wife…n work hard, hand-in-hand 2wards it….

D most important thing b4 u go into marriage…is going into marriage as a selfless person…as a servant…marriage to serve…
When the man goes in2 marriage as a servant and d woman goes in as a servant…. D marriage bcoms a master marriage…one dat ppl look up to…
Buh when u go into marriage wiv selfishness…she must cook 4 me, wash 4 me, serve me n give me children, he must provide 4 me, serve me, n satisfy me…. Everything is abt ‘me’,’me’ … D marriage bcoms a turbulent 1…bcos 2 ‘me’ masters come 2geda n no 1 will bow 4 d oda.


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