Sunday service!

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hey guys, how was your sunday…who did you dedicate this day to… As for me, It was dedicated to the Father of fathers…yorubas call Him “baba t’oju baba lo”….eletilukara bi ajere…eledumare,arugbojo,adakedajo,awamaridi,awimayehun..aki kiitan… So much to say about Him
Well that’s whom I dedicate everyoda day to…buh this is special. how? I lay down all the mess I went through during the prev.week & the ones am scared of going through in d coming week & then He gives me a strong message,word,instruction that carries me on. I advice you to try nt to joke wiv your sundays whreva u find yourself (in church or @ home).

Going 2 church every sunday doesn’t certify dat ure christ-like… Ure just a sunday worshipper a.k.a church-goer…. What God requires of us (micah6:8) is :
To do what is JUST
To show constant LOVE
To have an humble fellowship wiv God!!!…
Don’t go to church 2day bcos its a weekly routine u do….Go 2day to fellowship with fellow believers n worship God in harmony!


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