Gethsemane,the cross and the glory.

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Someone once said, wisdom has taught me that the place of prayer is not to help me run away from danger ahead or on ground, but to empower me to face dem  and be victorious.
Wisdom has taught me that the place of prayer is not to place, perishable earthly desires before God, but to make enquires as to what is God desire for my life
It can be said that there are three phases in the life of a believer,  a carrier of Christ image
Phase1 ,
The place of Gethsemane, the place whr in the midst of  trials, examinations, testing, pain, evil,  darkness, when the tendency to let go of God’s direction and will is high. You choose to go on ur knees with ur face bowed down before God in humility and surrender to His will as Jesus did in Gethsemane. Funny enof at this stage even those u feel has attained certain heights in the spirit and you ask dem direction might be found sleeping like the 3 disciples of Jesus who were sleeping instead of keeping watch .
The place of the cross: until you have established d place of intimacy wiv God in Gethsemane,  u cannot be fit for d cross. Instead of carrying d cross, you tend to sleep on cross, wallowing in sorrow, pain,  unfulfilment, stagnation and the likes. This is because you’ve not remained in Christ, the place of intimacy, where His choice Bcomes urs, His priorities becomes urs and His will bcoms urs. at the place of d cross everything, spiritual blessings, teachings of truth,  instructions unto righteousness,all that uve acquired from the place of intimacy will be required of u. But it is quite sad, dat at this stage most of us are found sleeping. 
Phase 3
the place of glory: 
It is often said that u must carry a cross to experience glory. U cannot get to the place of glory without experiencing d cross. Jesus endured d cross because of the eternal glory dat has been set ahead. He was able to the endure the cross because He had already made God’s will He’s and He had already acquired everything he needs to live the life the Father wants. And So He was empowered to carry the cross till “it was finished “. And from d cross He went into eternal glory,  sitting at d right hand side of God most high with His name exalted over every other name!!!!

Now the question is are you a believer? Because all this might not make sense to you if you’re not.
Do u realize that the moment u give urself Away to Christ,  u begin to experience these phases?
And if u can’t stand dem, great will be ur fall like the foolish man that built his house on the sand.

Christianity doesn’t end at being born again, in fact it has no end. So we are to abide in Christ,  establish an intimacy with God. Hold forth the Word of life even when d situation doesn’t necessarily require u to. GET Lost IN CHRIST And  NO SITUATION IN DIS WORLD EVEN D DEVIL HIMSELF WILL NOT GET YOU AS OF THE CASE OF JOB.

Ref: Matthew26:36-45
        Hebrews 12:2 let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the glory set bfr Him endured d cross, scorning its shame, now sitted at the right hand of d father.


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