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Gone are the days when how much you are covered up depicted how fashionable you were, fashion then, was about what you were wearing, now, fashion is about what you are NOT wearing. 

So, my lens today will be on the thongs, bum shorts, and on all skirts worn above the thighs. Now, I’ve got your attention.

First, I’d like to acknowledge the 21st century music video producers for helping us with free porn. I mean, we don’t have to be ashamed about it because the highly stringent music regulators keep giving you awards for your ludicrous achievements in making guys horny and for dulling the minds of young girls. They are more concerned about their music sales than the effect these pictures have on the mind of young ones, even adults. Now, I think, the age restriction thing is a bit overrated, I think the restriction should now be on MENTAL HEALTH basis. Seriously, the occurence of rape has more than tripled over the past couple of years and it’s what people’s minds are being exposed to.

The main fact is, Porn sells, get a good sound, with some vulgar content and put some almost naked girls in it and soon you’ll be signing recording deals and invited to shows. It is an irony that although Nigerians are seemingly very religious, porn videos sit comfortably with their holy books in their bags. The fear is that many of the consumers of the pornographic materials are not aware of the inherent danger.

Olamide’s ‘Eni duro’ had us infected with love at first sight, but three more hit songs down the road, left me wondering what his intentions really were. His “Badoo” image brings out the “porn” in him in “Durosoke” and his fans go wild after each video. Don’t even get me started on Tonto Dikeh’s “Get high” music video, it felt like a video on mermaid pornography.

What we lack in the music industry is that of a model for the teen pop audience, for instance, Chidinma’s “Kedike”, depicts the typical ‘I have a crush on you syndrome’ among teens. The music industry in Nigeria is going on the pornographic music train and leaving teen pop culture to die slowly. Nothing is appealing and safe to watch anymore. This situation calls for an intervention and my suggestion will be ‘All or nothing’, yes, give us all or nothing at all, as the only way to create an antivirus is to introduce a virus, it’s either we let our minds feast on the obscene images until it becomes normal to us or it’s completely banned from the mind’s inner recesses.

All the same, I’ll leave you with this thought, ‘your life is a perfect picture of what your thoughts have been’, so think right and live right.