Self discipline is doing something you don’t won’t to do…when you don’t want to do it for the right reasons. for instance you don’t want to go for a lecture when there is a football match or a TV show…but self discipline kicks in when you decided to go & forfeit whatever needs to be forfeited.
Someone once said “I really didn’t feel like going to school but I didn’t want my mum bugging me and being ashamed of me…so I rebelled against my own will by doing something I don’t want to do when I didn’t want to do it
Self discipline is the power to stick to the right decisions and follow them through. It’s the power to overcome laziness,addictions of any kind and procrastination.
Self discipline is not being strict or having a restrictive lifestyle….in fact most of the strict people I know lack self-discipline. Self discipline is being persevere, the ability not to give up despite the failures and setbacks.
Self discipline boost your self confidence and self esteem. Most people known to have low self esteem lack self discipline.
Self discipline is a way of life… it!!!


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